RamDisk for Windows PE

    To meet the needs of system builders with custom deployment requirements, Microsoft® provides a special edition of Windows® XP Professional called Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE). In addition to assisting system builders, Windows PE can form the basis for specialized remote diagnostic and troubleshooting solutions.

The Windows PE image is generally delivered to a remote target in an environment where all of the target’s storage devices are treated as read-only. This environment can present a serious challenge to creating viable custom solutions which depend on local storage. A local RAM disk can provide the needed storage footprint for such solutions. RamDisk for Windows PE supports the creation of a RAM disk in the read-only Windows PE environment.

RAM Disk Functionality   RamDisk for Windows PE is based on RamDisk 8.0 Desktop Edition. To add RAM disk support to the Windows PE image, binaries present in RamDisk 8.0 are copied to the Windows PE image along with a special executable for Windows PE. Included in the binaries are two digitally-signed kernel-mode drivers. One of these drivers must be installed before a RAM disk can be created. Driver installation, RAM disk device creation, and device and driver removal operations are all performed by a command-line executable. This executable supports the execution of operations via script.

The size of the RAM disk created while running Windows PE is fixed at the time the Windows PE image is built, specifically, when the RAM disk’s image file is created. RamDisk for Windows PE does not currently support setting the RAM disk’s size at run-time. The RAM disk can be created with or without a file system. Once created, the RAM disk can be formatted with FAT, FAT32 or NTFS, according to its size.

The software devices associated with the RAM disk can be removed (uninstalled) without a system shutdown.

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Technician Computer
Windows XP Professional installed and running.
RamDisk 8.0 Desktop Edition (not RamDisk Plus) installed.
Tools in the Windows OPK CD or in the CD installed.
Image includes Plug and Play device driver support.
Sufficient RAM to create the RAM disk.
Target Computer
Sufficient RAM to create the RAM disk.
Free Evaluation   To request a free evaluation copy of RamDisk for Windows PE, or for more information about this product, please contact us at
1-978-443-5106, or email consultants@superspeed.com, or submit a web request.

Last Modified 4 June 2014

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