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    The sheer quantity of data manipulated and analyzed by business intelligence applications easily push business intelligence servers to their limits. Extract, Transformation, and Load (ETL), On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP), and other data-intensive operations may completely consume processor, memory and storage resources. Tasks, such as building PowerCubes®, may require many hours or even days of execute time to complete.

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The disk I/O bottleneck
  Frequently, servers providing business intelligence services, such as the Cognos PowerPlay Enterprise Server, or the SAS Enterprise ETL or Business Intelligence Servers, are constrained in performance by disk input/output (I/O). Before processor and memory resources are consumed, the relatively slow rate of disk I/O constrains the system. System performance monitoring utilities will report resource utilization. When processor and memory resources are under-utilized, they can be employed to improve disk I/O performance.
Use processor and memory resources for optimal server performance
  Due to the temporal nature of the data produced by business intelligence applications, the use of persistent storage devices is unnecessary and counterproductive. RAM disks are the ideal storage medium for temporary data that is heavily accessed. RAM disk access is constrained only by processor speed and memory bandwidth. Therefore, business intelligence server performance improves significantly when large, temporary data files are placed on a RAM disk.
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  RamDisk and RamDisk Plus present powerful performance solutions by providing up to 63 GB (512 GB on 64-bit platforms) of virtual disk storage. Cognos and SAS production machines deployed with large RAM disks achieve operation accelerations of three to ten times their non-RamDisk implementations.

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