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Stores the most frequently read disk data in RAM. Applications that frequently read large amounts of data from the disk will receive much of their data from RAM rather than disk, thus greatly increasing their performance. Also supports writing disk data immediately to RAM and later to the disk (deferred-write, or lazywrite mode), accelerating applications that frequently write large amounts of data to the disk. SuperCache, a block-level cache, complements the higher-level Windows NT file-system cache.

Or a hybrid cache mode which mirrors an entire disk partition or volume. Yields RamDisk-like read performance, without added risk of data loss. Features optional deferred-write mode for accelerated write performance.

RamDisk   Creates a disk in RAM. All data is read from and written to RAM, not a hard drive – the fastest solution available. RAM disk performance is limited only by processor and memory throughput.
RamDisk Plus   Builds on the RamDisk product, offering automatic disk image save at system shutdown, and disk image load at system startup.

Product comparison

SuperCache RamDisk RamDisk
Security, Privacy   Checkmark  
Persistent storage Checkmark   Checkmark Sub1
Optional deferred-writing Checkmark    
Selectable cache page-size Checkmark    
Supports datasets larger than available physical memory Checkmark    

Checkmark Sub1 Persistence can be realized in three ways: 1) automatic saving the entire virtual disk’s contents during a normal system shutdown and reloading it at system startup or 2) clicking the save image button or 3) utilizing RamDisk's command line interface in a batch file.


Last Update: 27 June 2011

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